Baseball during the great depression essay

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Baseball during the great depression essay

Jimmie Foxx, 21 year-old baseball star of the Philadelphia Athletics, featured on Time magazine cover, July 29, In the summer ofthe year in which the stock market crashed, America was a nation not expecting disaster.

A lot of change and prosperity had occurred during the decade. Radio was the emerging national media with about 10 million sets in use. New businesses in the fields of communication, publishing, news, and entertainment were then on the rise. Talking motion pictures, only a few years old, had become the dominant movie form.

Wings took the Best Picture award.

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Across the nation, good times were still rolling along practically everywhere through mid-year. Although there may have been a few insiders on Wall Street who saw the economic storm clouds gathering, and there had been a jolt or two in the market in March, there was little hint of the prolonged ill wind to come, especially on Main Street.

The market peril and crashing stocks would not arrive until late October. In fact, for most of the year, the nation was simply going about business as usual.


And nothing was more business-as-usual than baseball. Babe Ruth, left, in Philadelphia, Pa. Ruth had set the home run record in at 60, but inJimmie Foxx almost caught him with But one concern in the game at the time was whether the ball had been juiced, as there had been a noticeable increase in hitting since the games of the s.

Up to that point in the season Ott had hit 26 home-runs with a batting average of. Louis Browns, both of whom had averages at the time around the. Manush had won the American League batting title in when he was with the Detroit Tigers, hitting.

Baseball during the great depression essay

But neither he nor Foxx would win the title. Lew Fonseca of the Cleveland Indians would take the prize, hitting. Still, Foxx hit a very good. Farm Boy Foxx Foxx shirtless: Foxx proved himself a versatile player, handling any position except pitching. Although he preferred third base, with the Athletics in he became their first baseman, hitting.

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Foxx was a strong farm boy, from Sudlersville, Maryland; he stood just under six foot weighing in at about pounds with a good build. He described for Time, with some farm-boy bravado, how life on the farm prepared him for baseball: Farmer boys are stronger than city boys.

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Baseball during the great depression essay

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