Characterization in the kite runner by amir

Beating of Amir "He got mad and hit me harder and the harder he kicked me, the harder I laughed. He walked towards me. Infertility "He sat across from us, tapped his desk with his fingers, and used the word "adoption" for the first time. Soraya cried all the way home.

Characterization in the kite runner by amir

Click the character infographic to download. OK — on to more pain and suffering. Most of the early conflict seems confined to the lives of Ali and Hassan.

We soon learn, however, that Amir has anything but a charmed existence. Worse can it get much worse? This is only one aspect of the incredibly fraught relationship between Amir and his father.

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Amir is also extremely jealous of his half-brother Hassan. Amir admires Baba to no end although Baba seems to have little time for Amir. In fact, at times it seems like Baba prefers Hassan. Baba is almost confused by Amir. How can his son not like violent Afghan sports?


Why does Amir not stand up for himself? Then Baba will love him and everything will be hunky-dory. Amir wins the tournament and his father finally shows the boy some love.

While two neighborhood boys hold down Hassan, a nearly-demonic boy named Assef rapes Hassan. Amir watches this happen and does nothing. Because Hassan is a Hazara and thus "inferior"? Because Amir is simply a coward?

Perhaps all of these motivations combine into one great instant of paralysis.

Characterization in the kite runner by amir

Worse, after Amir sees a hollow-eyed Hassan around the house in the months following the rape, Amir falls apart and betrays Hassan again. He has to remove any reminder of his guilt. Hosseini takes the novel on a different track.

He has Amir slowly change and attempt to make up for his moral failure. Perhaps this is the only thing Amir can do:Sep 01,  · The Kite Runner > Kite Runner Comments That helps with the characterization and their relationship as father and son Amir he is the son that wants his fathers approval and to be prideful of him.

The reader knows that Amir always wants his father to be proud of him for his achievements like for example when Amir wins the kite running. The Kite Runner Character List & Flashcards; Amir in The Kite Runner: Description, Character Analysis & Development Next Lesson.

The The Kite Runner quotes below are all either spoken by Amir or refer to Amir. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is .

Characterization in the kite runner by amir

The Kite Runner moves backward and forward in time using multiple flashbacks to demonstrate how Amir's autobiographical memories reveal a coherent life story. This is the same type of process that occurs when we tell others our life.

1 Analysis In The Kite Runner, the main protagonist was Amir, while the antagonist was Assef.A main theme in the story was presented when these two got into a quarrel, with Assef attacking Amir (and later Hassan). The attack set the tone for the remainder of the book, showing the ethnic struggle that was present in the society they lived in.

Another theme of the novel was shown in Hassan. There are multiple allusions scattered throughout Khaled Hosseini's 'The Kite Runner'. Now an Allusion can be anything from history, mass media, literature, etc. Amir, the main protagonist in 'The Kite Runner' enjoys literature to an extreme degree.

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