Diverse nature of psychology paper

Sunday, October 16, The Diverse Nature of Psychology The diverse nature of psychology is evident in its 54 divisions of the American Psychological Association, each addressing a different perspective of psychology and a unique aspect of human interaction Plante, Psychology permeates and has broad implications for human interaction as well as for the sciences and other disciplines. Psychological diversity influences the major concepts and contributes to a unique perspective of human behavior.

Diverse nature of psychology paper

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Evolution of psychology was enhanced by the works of individuals like Sigmund FreudAlfred Alderand Carl Jung Goodwin, Further advancements in psychology were made by individuals like Ivan PavlovWilhelm Wundtand John Watsonwho each made major contributions to the transition of psychology from philosophy to science Goodwin, Three Sub-areas of Psychology Divisions in psychology are described as areas of interest that include sub-disciplines and direct focus on specific areas; currently there are 54 divisions fo psychology recorded by the American Psychological Association American Psychological Association, Because so many classifications exist in psychology, the field is easily described as a collection of various individual theories related to limited aspects of behavior rather than a singular goal of one major theory or concept of psychology.

For instance, industrial and organizational psychology serves to provide an understanding of individual behavior in relation to everyday situations that arise in the business environment Stone, Another area of psychology, abnormal psychology is an area that has been associated with a large class of mental conditions referred to as functional diseases, and how they can be explained in psychological terminology McLeod, A third area of psychology is environmental psychology.

This area focuses on how physical spaces influence human thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and how these influences direct how an individual interacts with his or her surroundings Psychology Today, The Influence of Diversity on Psychology The issue of diversity also creates an issue of unity within the psychological community itself.

Although diversity may lead to some fragmentation, there are two primary features that set psychology apart from other disciplines.

Diverse nature of psychology paper

First, psychologists and researchers use scientific techniques to study a full range of behavior in humans and animals Stanovich, Second, the applications of psychological studies develop from scientific opportunities. These two primary core features differentiate psychology from philosophy and other scientific disciplines that rely purely on empirical data Stanovich, The Practical Application of Two Psychological Disciplines Because of the diverse nature of psychology, the implications of psychological discovery can provide a wide variety of applications.

The only drawback to the divisional nature of psychology is that each division is limited to theories and aspects of a behaviors limited to the specific division.

For example, if one were to consider the application of environmental psychology, one would focus on problems as they relate to improving environmental situations.

Findings in studies related to the work-place environment can be reported back to company officials, and used as a basis for implementing changes in the work-place that promote a healthier environment for employees; hence improving employee retention, performance, and socialization Stone, Conclusion In conclusion, the diverse nature of psychology can be considered both an asset and a detriment.

Stanovich suggests that the general field of science seeks to generalize the psychology by implementing generalized theories that can be applied to all disciplines of psychology.

However, this is a difficult approach because each division of psychology focuses on specific aspects of human and animal behaviors that would not fit within a generalized theory.

Furthermore, some divisions of psychology like environmental or industrial and organizational psychology are more narrowly focused on specific interactions of human behavior in relation to specific areas of interest; making them even more difficult to generalize in basic theory and application.

Diverse nature of psychology paper

References American Psychological Association. A history of modern psychology 2nd ed. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, Psy website.The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper Psychology is a discipline that has extensive implications for other areas of science while simultaneously maintaining a narrow concern for the derivation of scientific knowledge about human and non-human behavior (Stanovich, ).

The Diverse Nature of Psychology PSY/ May 27, The Diverse Nature of Psychology Psychology has a wide array of diverse concepts that influence its very nature, which is the study of mind and behavior in various organisms from the most primitive to the most complex.

The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper. Prepare a word paper in which you analyze the diverse nature of psychology as a discipline. Address the following items as a part of your analysis: 1)Evaluate the significance diversity of thought has on psychology’s major concepts.

Diverse Nature Of Psychology Paper. diverse nature of psychology paper The Diverse Nature of Psychology Essay examples Words | 5 Pages.

The Diverse Nature of Psychology The American Psychological Association has identified 54 divisions within the field of psychology (Plante, ).Oct 16, The diverse nature of psychology is evident in its 54 divisions of the American Psychological.

Psychology is a diverse area of study. Within this paper it will discuss the influence of diversity and it’s major concepts within psychology.

It will also discuss subtopics within psychology, as well as how subtopics are identified, and . The Diverse Nature of Psychology Essays Words | 4 Pages.

The Diverse Nature of Psychology Psychology, though a young field, is a uniquely successful one, flourishing in the twentieth century through intellectual and .

Diverse nature of psychology paper
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