Essay connection between networks internet

This paper thus examines internet security with a look at firewall and how it can help secure the internet. A firewall is a part of a computer system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access while permitting authorized communications.

Essay connection between networks internet


The network capabilities required by consumer health Web sites are not especially demanding today, but the requirements could grow over time. Most sites offer text and limited graphics, which do not require significant bandwidth, but the availability of greater bandwidth—especially in the local loop—could enable the design of more sophisticated sites offering educational videos for downloading over the Internet.

Security requirements are also minimal because personal health information is generally not exchanged on these sites. Protection is needed for financial transactions related to the purchase of health products, but this requirement is no different than that for other e-commerce applications.

Similarly, consumer health Web sites do not demand exceptional reliability because they are unlikely to be used for applications in which lives are at stake. However, consumer health Web sites may drive the need for improved privacy-enhancing technologies.

The information sought by consumers on the Internet, and the purchases they make, can reveal much about personal health concerns and problems. To prevent organizations from compiling profiles of their health concerns, consumers may demand greater anonymity in their Web browsing and purchasing and tighter restrictions on the ways in which organizations can use information about their habits.

A larger issue is the need for tools to help consumers find information of interest and evaluate its quality. The sheer volume of health information available on the Internet can be overwhelming. For example, a simple Web search for "diabetes mellitus" can return more than 40, Web pages, 1 and some 61, Web sites contain information on breast cancer Boodman, To sort through this volume of material, consumers need effective searching and filtering tools that can identify and rank information according to their needs and capabilities and present it in a form that they can understand, regardless of educational and cultural background.

Consumers also need a way to judge the quality, authoritativeness, and provenance of the information.

Essay connection between networks internet

The Internet enables anyone to publish information, so filtering and credentialing become more important. A recent study found that 6 percent of the sites containing information on a form of cancer called Ewing's sarcoma contained erroneous information, and many more were misleading.

Sites contained different and often incorrect estimates of basic information such as survival rates Biermann et al. Several initiatives are already under way to evaluate the quality of health information on the Internet.

Other efforts focus on systems for classifying health Web sites according to metrics such as accuracy, timeliness, completeness, and clarity. Additional research may suggest ways of automating the evaluation process, perhaps using metrics such as the number of pointers to, or users of, a given site as indicators of the site's effectiveness as some search and referral engines are currently doing.

Technology could also be used to help prevent alterations of the site's rating to assure consumers that an evaluation was indeed performed by the stated third party.

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This function requires cryptographic authentication technologies that are currently available but have not yet been widely deployed for this purpose. E-mail between Patients and Providers The Internet can also be used to facilitate electronic communications between patients and care providers, typically in the form of electronic mail e-mail.

To date, e-mail has been used only sporadically between patients and providers, but it is of growing interest. It could prove to be an effective mechanism for improving care and lowering costs because more frequent communications might enable better tracking of a patient's progress or eliminate the need for an office visit.

This premise has yet to be tested rigorously in clinical settings, and a number of technical and nontechnical issues need to be resolved Mandl et al. Bandwidth and availability are not issues in the near term because most messages currently consist of text only and are not used for time-critical communications.

The most pressing technical issue is security.Networks regulate everything from ant colonies and middle schools to epidemics and the internet. Here’s how they work The most important connection in any network is the local | Aeon Essays.

The Web is an application that makes use of the system (Leaver, ). Without the Internet, there is no access to the Web. The Web is an application on the Internet that allows people to communicate and share information, whereas the Internet is the connection between computers for data transmission.

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Essay connection between networks internet

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