Essay questions on scientific management

Good Examples Smith was a religious, Christian man. His notion of monads included contextual references to God. He believed that God controls the harmony of life through these monads. The essay then goes on to discuss these monads in a Christian context.

Essay questions on scientific management

And it was greatly embraced by the factory owners, because Taylor focused on improving the efficiency of workers. He studied the way in which jobs are done and try to find a new effective way to do them Brunsson Then he made new methods into rules. Workers who cannot meet the requirement were laid off Crainer And those who can meet the requirement were paid with more salary Brunsson It can be said that scientific management changed the industry.

Later in the s, Follet proposed her theories on management.

Essay questions on scientific management

She concerned the way managers behave towards workers Crainer Managers should motivate and encourage workers instead of just ordering. In this way can organizations be more harmonious. In the s, management science was proposed.

In the s, Organisational environment theory emerged. The focus of this theory is the impact of environment on management.

And then management entered into postmodern period Crainer Fayolism as the oldest one was covered. After Fayol, so many management theories had emerged. And some of them had proved to be effective. The old things are likely to be covered by the new comings, especially when the new comings are useful.

What happened to Fayolism is just so. However, not a new system had been proposed though various views and recommendations were raised to modify management except Fayol, Taylor and Follet. And Follet tried to connect the top and down Crainer Most of the latter theories are based on these three pioneers' work.

Or it can be said like this: Because things had changed a lot in the past one hundred years, some detailed rules can be revised along with those changes. As to the changes, most of them, if not all, come from globalization. Globalization changed not only the external environment of organizations, but also the inside environment.

Of course the development of technology is a driver not to be neglected. But technology affects the way of working mostly. The outside change globalization brought is a larger market which is changing fast Rodrigues And the changes inside companies mainly come from workforce diversity.

The fulfilment of tasks of management is more complicated than before. And there were many discussions on this issue. Among them the application of the 14 principles is the most controversial, because these principles affect not only managers but also employees. The first principle is the division of work.

Fayol proposed that it could be more efficient and productive to divide work into small and particular units Rodrigues This did bring a helpful method for managers then.

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Essay questions on scientific management

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