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Essays on twyla tharp

Books and Reading Personal Development Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity, personal development, or business book of interest. Many people in the information economy are creative workers.

We all use the creativity locked within our minds to achieve amazing things. Things that inspire and inform the people around us. I spend my time trying to come up with and develop ideas into something compelling. Her general philosophy, as presented in this book, is that creativity is a habit, a product of preparation and effort, and not necessarily just a God-given gift that only some people have.

She spends the book laying out this philosophy in great detail. Is there meat here that creative workers can take and apply in their own lives? The content is solid, but aesthetically it would serve well as a coffee table book in the right environment.

I Walk into a White Room The book opens with the idea that all creative people have a canvas upon which to work and we all use a wide diversity of tools to create something on that canvas. Creativity requires planning on a lot of different levels. It goes even deeper. Each of those steps requires preparation.

The translation of that outline into prose, for instance, takes a ton of practice and continuous exposure to inspiration and the talents of great writers. The moment when you make that translation may be creative, but it comes from a ton of preparation for that creative moment.

Rituals of Preparation Tharp argues that most people require some sort of ritual or routine to get into a creative state.

She shares hers as well as the routines of several others. The click of the door is my mental switch. Another key part of this ritual is the elimination of distractions — not only environmental distractions, but distractions inside of us, like fears and self-doubt.

Distractions just keep us from doing what we can do by providing excuses to not do it. Your Creative DNA Everyone draws creativity from different sources, but many people are completely unaware of where their creative bursts come from.

Here are five of the questions and my answers to them. What is the first creative moment you remember?

It was late in the summer of and I had just turned seven years old.

The Creative Habit - Essay

I had received the He-Man action figure Roboto as a birthday gift from my grandmother and I was having a lot of fun playing with it. Was anyone there to witness or appreciate it?

I told the story to my grandmother out in the back yard. She just sat there patiently listening to me belt out this story about a fighting robot man as told by an excited seven year old, but she listened so intently and watched me so carefully that I really believed she was deeply interested in this story.

It made me feel as though I was doing something very good by coming up with this story, and it may have in fact been the start of my desire to write fiction that still blossoms today.

Which artists do you admire most? The two that immediately come to mind is my favorite painter, Vincent van Goghand my favorite writer, Haruki Murakami.

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I admire them both because they describe a very bold reality, one that almost reaches out and slaps me on the face. What is your ideal creative activity? Nothing beats it for me. Something about it gets me going like nothing else. What is your greatest fear? My greatest fear is somehow losing my audience and not knowing why.

It bothers me more than anything else, and it sometimes influences me to throttle back on some of my points and sometimes discard posts that I know will cause controversy.

Essays on twyla tharp

I need to push myself a little bit more often to avoid this fear. Harness Your Memory Creativity is often borne from the things we remember from our own past.

What does this lead us to? You need to explore your own area of creativity as deeply as possible, trying different things, exposing yourself to great works, repeating some of the basic techniques until they become reflex.

Essays on twyla tharp

I subscribe to The New Yorker and The Atlantic and The Economist yes, I resubscribed to the latter because these magazines contain brilliant essays in every issue.Dancers like Twyla Tharp put their own stamp on postmodern theory and began a return to more structured choreography, making way for the contemporary dance genre of today.

Postmodern dance is a 20th century concert dance form. Louise Lu Women In The Creative Process 9/25 Professor Mary Buckley Before I can answer the question of the prompt “what is something you discovered about yourself after taking Twyla Tharp's self-assessment,” I have some questions for Twyla Tharp: why do you believe that these 33 questions can make a cut-off conclusion about a person’s career life in arts?

The author of The Creative Habit, Twyla Tharp, has the credibility to write a book like this. She’s a choreographer and dancer, a creative career if there is one, and she’s been amazingly successful at it, racking up a pile of Emmy and Tony awards on her mantle.

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Determination is key to success essay Twyla tharp s sinatra suite essay. Introduction. Born in Portland, Indiana in , Twyla Tharp moved with her parents to southern California, two years later when she was still a young child.

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