Greeting cards business plans

Strategic Analysis with current research!

Greeting cards business plans

Providing large varieties of card to satisfy the need of all types of customers and sentiments. Addressing various occasions in the calendar year to increase the awareness about the greeting cards culture in the local market.

Increasing the number of outlets and making them large and spacious so that customers can more options varieties.

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In the face of competition and expanding market it is not only essential to assemble the best people to work for the company but provide the employees with various training opportunities to develop better skill. A good working environment and atmosphere reflects and promotes a high level of loyalty and commitment among the employees.

It is required to identify the strength and weakness of the employees so that they individual training needs can harness creativity and self-development of its employees. All the parts of the organization has harmony in their activities so that smooth operation can take place 3.

Customer service is not currently being considered as an important component of the marketing mix by Doors International. Relationship marketing is the first and foremost measure the company should undertake toward a better customer service.


The action plans needed to implement the strategy should be: Focusing on customer retention providing good service quality, trustworthiness, and fair prices. Placing emphasis on shorter lead time.

Placing emphasis on high customer commitment by offering discounts, special offers, premiums, free information and anything else that customer perceives as having value. Friendly attitude towards customers.

Generating goodwill by being available to answer all queries from customers. Communicating with customer when not trying to tell them something-periodic customer surveys are a good way to gauge satisfaction and to find out where the small problems are they have a chance to turn into large problems.

Flexibility-provisions should be made whereby products can be returned by the Galleries, Card Shops, and Wholesalers. Market Share Before Doors International and Bridge House Company came into the market as the authorized sole distributor of Archies and Hallmark cards respectively, in the market there were local importers of different foreign brands and some local manufacturers of greeting cards namely, Azad and Ideal.

The local importers had high turn over during that time because local manufacturer did not have the same quality card for the customers and as the prices are not fixed they could have charged more and had a good bargain. Analysis of Financial Data Forecasted Variable.A greeting card for business has to speak for you with sincerity and professionalism.

Hallmark Business Connections has the solutions for greetings and note cards that corporations and businesses can use to celebrate, acknowledge, honor and thank.

Greeting cards are one of our culture's foremost tools of communications, and the greeting card industry has a constant and continual need for art and alternative designs. Heartsongs is a newly founded organization incorporated as a limited liability company located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Contact us: business plans for opening a Greeting Card business - for a professional restaurant Greeting Card plans for your startup company.

greeting cards business plans

We are Greeting Card business plan professionals! The business plan captures the strategic operational and financial aims of the business. Jul 24,  · If you have a unique idea for a line of greeting cards and artistic flair or even talent with the written word, you can start a home-based greeting card business.

Nov 14,  · If you want to start a greeting card business, produce a number of cards within a certain niche or style, such as funny cards, upscale designs, or cards for a specific holiday. Print your cards on materials like thick cardstock or delicate rice paper.

Greeting card entrepreneurs to expand inventory with help from Wise Business Plans Posted on February 29, This year, greeting card designers are expanding their inventory thanks to millions of people with a little more disposable income looking to send cards to .

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