How to write a manuscript for beginners

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How to write a manuscript for beginners

Read PDF Medical students in Pakistan and from other developing health systems are usually fascinated by the word "Research. They admire research but often find it difficult to take initiatives.

Many medical students may feel alienated from this creative process due to lack of emphasis on research, training and mentorship. Considering the limitations in the Pakistani medical system, we suggest a stepwise process for medical students and mentors to organize their innovative skills in research and medical writing.

Firstly, it is important to understand the following five facts about research: Though research in contemporary medicine is generally considered to be a milestone in an academic career; it is not obligatory for those who do not find it interesting.

If someone tries and does not feel the need to continue, it would be wise and absolutely appropriate to consider alternate career pathways.

If there is no urge to perform research, it is not worth pursuing unless it is a compulsory professional requirement.

Failure often precedes success. In research process, the word 'success' has different meanings. Interestingly, the meaning changes as one grows in the field of research. Failure makes you resilient and is the main driving force to pursue your goals in research and publications.

Networking and mentorship are often the two tools least emphasized in research. One might be surprised to know that how many people around you are capable of doing things that you find impossible.

Collaboration is a fundamental doctrine in research.

It provides a mean for researchers to achieve more than they can on their own. Lack of proficiency in the English language is not a barrier in biomedical writing.

how to write a manuscript for beginners

Research has its own language which is called 'creativity'. The translation of 'creativity' into English language may not be considered a barrier to the conception of ideas. English is not the native language for medical students in Pakistan and many health systems around the globe.

In many situations, where language resources are limited and assistance is not readily available or affordable, an extra effort is required to overcome this predicament.

Take shortcuts to the first draft

However, it is not that difficult as it is generally perceived. Medical journals also recognize this limitation of researchers globally and recommend various solutions.

Springer and BioMed Central provide free online resources on medical writing and publishing scientific manuscripts. Biomed Central includes an online guide on topics ranging from journal selection, language advice and how to respond to peer reviews. In Pakistan, research workshops are frequently carried out in major cities around the country which provide an excellent platform for networking, writing assistance and mentorship.

In the twenty first century, modern medical research is considered almost impossible without basic knowledge of internet and computer skills; however, it is imperative to understand that lack of computer expertise should not preclude ones interest in research.

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The relevant computer skills can be learned during the process of research as well. Understanding the philosophy behind research Ask yourself "why do you want to do research? Well, I really do not know, it just fascinates me; It will add to my resume and facilitate my professional growth; It is a part of my curriculum so I have to do it compulsorily; I want to try and test my ideas; I want to pursue an academic career in medicine; I want to publish and share my experiences with others; or, all of the above.

There is no single correct answer to this question; however, there is a general consensus that the ultimate goal of medical research is to improve health care. As the number of publications increases and one climbs the ladder of success in the field of research, there comes a point when one retrospectively identifies the futility of his or her own efforts.

It is a matter of self-realization. It is a moment of glory when the researcher unleashes him or herself from the chains of career driven efforts and starts to focus on a superior cause. The thinking process heads to an entirely different direction, which truly complies with the ultimate goal of research: Finding a mentor It is often a matter of chance that one comes across an ideal research mentor.

Pakistan ranks 43rd in the world ranking of scientific publications and is expected to be number 27 by It is noteworthy that a research mentor does not necessarily have to be a senior or a supervisor. He or she can be a colleague, a junior, or even a person one has never met.

It is recommended to connect with research mentors in ones own professional environment, which is not that difficult as the experts involved in research are usually well known among their peers.5) The response time from an editor for a novel submission (either the full manuscript, or a partial [first three chapters and an outline of the rest of your already .

Writing is an art. I could train a duck to use proper punctuation. At the beginning, focus on the substance, not the form. Begin to write, then continue. Note to Those Who Disagree: Pffft. Write your own dang blog post.

Where Should I Begin? As with most ventures in life, examine your motives. 4. Write the Sermon Manuscript. The sermon manuscript includes the introduction, the body of the sermon (the sermon outline) and the conclusion.

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