How to write an anti-war novel

Which famous veteran author said the following? Yes, Kurt Vonnegut the author of Slaughterhouse-Five, typed these words with his own two hands.

How to write an anti-war novel

how to write an anti-war novel

Where Religion, Philosophy and Demographics Meet Because most philosophies that frown on reproduction don't survive. I've run out of good WW1 era history books on Audible unfortunately a lot of both the history and fiction on my list isn't available except in good old fashioned printso my latest listen is a novel Once an Eagle by Anton Myrer It opens during World War One, and I'd heard it recommended as a good war novel.

Apparently it has something of a history on various military reading lists: The book is on the Marine Corps Commandants' Reading List, making it required reading for all marines. For West Point cadets, who are assigned the book in classes and seminars, reading ''Once an Eagle'' has become a rite of passage, much like discovering ''Catcher in the Rye'' as a teen-ager.

Favorite passages are quoted routinely, especially Sam Damon's dying words: Published inthe novel follows a main character, Sam Damon, who joins up shortly before World War One, is promoted from the ranks during the war, and apparently goes on to a career in the military that spans World War Two and beyond.

The author had left Harvard in and joined the Marines, where he spend several very formative years fighting the Pacific. The introduction to the edition I'm listening to is by General John W. I can see a bit of why that might be.

Damon is a very good officer, who cares about his men but is also good at fighting and deeply committed to seeing his objectives through. He's horrified by the things that he sees while at the same time seeing them as necessary. At the same time, I can see why the books has been popular with military readers.

It provides a viscerally realistic portrayal of combat, a by turns uplifting and sad portrayal of the friendships and emotions shared by men under constant threat of death, and most of all a clear at times to the point of heavy-handed portrayal of what it means to be a good officer who leads from the front and seeks to get the utmost effort out of his men, while caring about their lives more than is own.

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This got me thinking a bit about what makes a novel "anti-war". Of the novels that I've read which I've heard described as "anti-war", the description often seems earned by conveying sentiments such as "combat is horrific", "war creates terrible destruction" and "doing violence wound even the victor".

And yet, these don't seem like ideas that are necessarily in the sense of "pacifist" or "believing that war is always worse than its alternative". They are incompatible with the claim "war is a positive good in and of itself", but one would have to be pretty appallingly deluded to think that. If conveying the idea "violence is deeply horrific" constitutes being anti-war, then all non-psychopaths are anti-war.

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Yet I've never had a pacifist describe me as anti-war. Nor do some of the favorite books of people who describe themselves as pacifist make a whole of of sense to me. For instance, why would Lord of the Rings not be a fairly objectionable book if one is serious about non-violence?

And yet, not only is it liked by some people who describe themselves as pacifists, but I've even heard it too described as anti-war.

The hypothesis that I'm leaning towards is that if a book dealing with war is a sufficiently realistic description of the human experience, it will ring true both to people who consider violence never to be acceptable and to those who consider it to at times be necessary to stave off even greater evil.

Though even so, I can't help thinking that Occupy Gondor would consider Aragorn to be a warmonger and Sauron to be merely the misunderstood victim of economic oppression.Best War Novels This list ranks the best war novels. If I started to judge what is or isn't war I could write a book.

I also won't remove a book simple because it is crap. many people on GR don't understand the distinction between fiction/nonfiction, novel/memoir, etc." Oh, I've noticed.

I usually just stick to sci-fi fantasy lists and. Slaughterhouse-Five is an anti-war novel, by Kurt Vonnegut. The work was first published in , and it's considered an American classic.

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Semi-autobiographical in nature, the novel is drawn from the Vonnegut's war-time experiences in World War II. War Porn by Roy Scranton The anti-war novel re-emerges in American literature By Eric London 22 August After 15 years of permanent war, it is no surprise that the “war novel” has emerged.

Is Slaughterhouse Five An Anti War Novel Essay. Is Slaughterhouse Five An Anti War Novel Essay. music can reduce stress essay Example short essay rubric how to write a good report sentences mba dissertation projects halimbawa ng thesis tagalog expository essay about gun control. He writes an anti-war book that admits it might as well be an anti-glacier book, which makes the best possible argument for the permanence and monolithic nature .

how to write an anti-war novel

A war novel (military fiction) is a novel in which the primary action takes place on a battlefield, or in a civilian setting (or home front), where the characters are either preoccupied with the preparations for, suffering the effects of, or recovering from war novels are historical novels.

Is Slaughterhouse Five An Anti War Novel Essay