How to write an industrial attachment report

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How to write an industrial attachment report

Writing an industrial attachment report | Wanangwe Josephine -

The attachment period is usually a maximum of eight weeks, during which the students are expected to acquire additional practical experience to supplement, their course of study in the university.

They are also exposed to the real world of work and its challenges which will prepare them towards their future careers.

It is said to be a supervised programme since lecturers from the faculty visit the students during this period and at the end of the programme to ascertain the success of the programme and the amount of seriousness students attached to it.

It has also got individual benefit of liaising the university to the industries, hence brightening the employment chances of the students in the university. Through this attachment, I have generated a good interpersonal relationship through my interaction with my supervisors and colleagues.

Writing an industrial attachment report | Wanangwe Josephine -

This has assisted me to interact confidently with people irrespective of the position. I have also learnt patient folder filing and retrieval which has aided me to improve on my social life through interaction with customers either working under pressure with or without supervision.

It has thereby inculcated in me sympathy for the poor and above all the will to prevent myself from contracting certain communicable diseases. Inadequate number of computers at the unit was also a hindrance.

In Decemberownership of the hospital was transferred to the catholic Diocese of Sunyani. From June to JanuarySister Suzanne Maschek was the Administrator and supervised the construction of additional improvements to the hospital.Industrial Attachment reports or internships reports are required to be submitted by students upon completion of their attachment period.

Below is just but a few of . JOMO KENYATTA UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY NAKURU CBD CAMPUS CAMPUS ATTACHMENT REPORT FORMAT DIPLOMA/ DEGREE/ MASTERS ATTACHMENT REPORT FORMAT The final attachment report will consists of the following key sections: TITLE PAGE On top should bear the title of the attachment report.

The title should be short, precise, concise and clear. Sample Industrial attachment Report and Guide on how to write one (plus grading) (2 customer reviews) KSh Quantity.

Why students need to write attachment reports. The purpose of the Attachment report is to show the skills, experience and knowledge gained during the Attachment period.5/5(2). Aug 31,  · The industrial attachment training is an essential component of the curriculum of theUniversity for Development Studies (UDS), Faculty of computational and developmental mathematics (FCDM) Navrongo campus.

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A REPORT ON A TWO MONTH INDUSTRIAL ATTACHMENT AT TECHIMAN HOLY FAMILY HOSPITAL. Writing an industrial attachment report is not as easy as many of students may think. Do you want to get an idea on how to write an industrial attachment report?

Are you looking for . Above all, I appreciate the management of Kenya Forest Service for giving us an opportunity to learn with them.

How to write an industrial attachment report

THANK YOU. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report contains the details of my industrial attachment at Kenya Forest Service Headquarters. Industrial attachments are a .

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