Importance of honesty

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Importance of honesty

Importance of honesty in life What is Honesty: What is honesty and why should you practice honesty, are the two most important questions come in the mind of almost every individual in their life time. Some people experience it in early years and others remain ignorant for most part of their lives and realize at an advanced age.

Everyone must make efforts to find suitable answers to these questions and act accordingly.

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I too had to confront with these questions during my school days and sought to find answers to these questions. Honesty is defined as truthfulness in our spoken words and actions. But now after growing up when we practically look into this world and try to find the truth, we see that in this world majority of people seem to be practicing dishonesty and half truth.

It seems people, at large, have converted this world to a market place and practicing honesty has become a real challenge. Lying for petty small things has become a normal practice. Are you an honest person? Almost every one of us claims to be totally honest.

But we only know level of our honesty. Possibly you would also have told several lies and half truths during your growing years from your childhood to adulthood and continue to practice the same till date.

Dishonest people do not have faith in their abilities. Their subconscious mind has accepted the fact that they are not worthy enough and they do not deserve to get all those positive things of life, without lying and cheating. And with every passing day their habit of lying and practicing dishonesty in life gets strengthened and they become perfect liars.

In case you also belong to the same category of people, it ascertains that you have a habit to pretend yourself to be someone else, what you are not.

You refuse to identify your authentic self. Such people lack clarity in their lives and lack true direction and their goals of life. When you tell a lie, you show your true colors and tell this world that how self centered you are?

It also depicts your weakness and feeling of insecurity. The fact of life is that no person in this world is absolutely honest and absolutely dishonesty.

Therefore none of us is perfect example of an honest person; still we have a habit of continuously accusing another person of being dishonest.

It is the human being who can be honest and also he can be dishonest.

The Importance of Honesty in the Bible - Cornerstone Academy

An act of lying brings a chain of lies:For many people, the word fair brings to mind the aphorism “all is fair in love and war.” We have been using some variation of this saying for quite some time, although, as with many such expressions, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when it began.

The H Factor of Personality explores the importance of the Honesty-Humility (H) dimension of personality in various aspects of people's lives. READ MORE. 5 Ways to Build Trust and Honesty in Your Relationship How to be true to yourself and to your partner.

The art of lying

Posted Jun 29, The importance of honesty is a value that has always been taught in the family, society and school. Honesty is a value that has many advantages and disadvantages.

In occasions it is better to not say things because they will hurt the others.

Importance of honesty

The word integrity is not used that much when speaking to someone or listening to another person's conversation. When looking into the definition of integrity a good word used is honesty. In the Old Testament part of the Bible, most of the verses contain the word integrity.

It is important that we. Is honesty in a relationship that important? To deepen the love bond with your partner and stay more connected to each other you need to be totally honest.

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