J amer soc hort sci 1264468473

Role of hormones and nutrition in regulating these processes. The goal of my basic and applied research program is to solve production problems for the California and worldwide citrus and avocado industries.

J amer soc hort sci 1264468473

Books Edited Lopez, R. Light Management In Controlled Environments. Book Chapters Meng, Q. Control of flowering using night-interruption and day-extension lighting, p.

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Recent developments in plant lighting, p. Light-emitting diodes in horticulture, p. Ball Redbook, 18th ed.

Ball Publishing, Chicago, IL. Temperature and light, p. Ball Publishing, Batavia, IL. Manipulating day length to flower perennials, p. Controlled flowering of herbaceous perennial plants, p.

Plant Production in Closed Ecosystems.

J amer soc hort sci 1264468473

Floriculture College of Knowledge online course series: Regulation of flowering by green light depends on its photon flux density and involves cryptochrome. Spectral effects of light-emitting diodes on plant growth, visual color quality, and photosynthetic photon efficacy: White versus blue plus red radiation.

Using radiation to enhance quality attributes of leafy vegetables: Investigating the interaction between photosynthetic photon flux density and far-red radiation in petunia seedlings under sole-source lighting.

Far-red radiation and photosynthetic photon flux density independently regulate seedling growth but interactively regulate flowering. Improving greenhouse environmental control using crop-model-driven multi-objective optimization.

Spectral effects of supplemental greenhouse radiation on growth and flowering of annual bedding plants and vegetable transplants.

Investigating the efficacy of white light-emitting diodes at regulating flowering of photoperiodic ornamental crops.

Proposed product label for electric lamps used in the plant sciences.Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science.

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Volume 94 () J. Amer. Soc.

J amer soc hort sci 1264468473

Hort Sci. 94(6) (Full Text in PDF) Volume 95 () Gazit, Shmuel ; Blumenfeld, A. - Response of Mature Avocado Fruits to Ethylene Treatments Before and After Harvest.

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Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science

Journal of American Rhododendron Society 45(4) Maynard, B.K. and Bassuk, N.L. Stock Plant Etiolation and Stem Banding Effects on the Auxin Dose-Response of Rooting in Stem Cuttings of Carpinus betulus L. cv. fastigata.

Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science