Jetblue airways starting from scratch case study analysis

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Jetblue airways starting from scratch case study analysis

Identify 1 internal recruitment method that JetBlue uses. Identify 1 external recruitment method that JetBlue uses. The method for internal recruitment used by JetBlue Airways in order to recruit employees include job bidding and job posting.

These are the types of internal recruitment approaches which is currently being applied by the organization.

JetBlue Airways: Starting from Scratch Case Solution

Furthermore, the internal recruitment concept is referred to as recruitment of employees within the organization. The external recruitment technique which is followed by the organization includes the selection from the newspapers. JetBlue has realized that the particular techniques applied by the company have provide them success in many occasions.

The internal recruitment process developed by an organization has reflected great provisions success. Furthermore, the company is able to develop a strong Human Resource department which has allowed the company to select individual that fits in with the organizational culture and has the right skill for the right job.

Lastly, the company has been attaining profits due to the successfulness of its various projects which has also allowed the company in maintaining a strong need for continuous development approach and to show consistency in its HR department.

Jetblue airways starting from scratch case study analysis

Describe the personnel selection interview process for mechanics and pilots at JetBlue. The wrong selection would greatly increase the cost for the company as it would lead to repetitive training of another individual, wasting the precious time of the company, unnecessary delays in work which could cost the company a big deal, and various other factors.


In the personnel selection of JetBlue, the company is required to select individuals that fulfills the both basic criteria and also specific criteria for an employee in order to get selected.

Therefore, for selecting an employee, the company heavily relied on interviews. However, in order to view the other side of the benefits of an employee, other tests were also concluded which had different implications, but the usage of interviews was high………………….

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P.O. Box , San Diego, CA ; Fax: http. Very interesting topic. Also the impact it is having world wide. I have been attending a number of presentations by recruiting companies and one thing is very positions are available all over the world but to make an experienced airline captain do his or her whole ATP licence over again to take up the job is a problem.

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