No plastic bag day research proposal

Cambodia[ edit ] Cambodia passed the legislation to impose a plastic bag tax in October Supermarkets now are charging customers Riels 10 US cents per plastic bag should they need one. This came into effect because of the problems with sewerage and general waste.

No plastic bag day research proposal

From the bag you put your soaking umbrella into to the bag your frozen pasta is stored in, we are in constant interaction with plastic bags.

No plastic bag day research proposal

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, approximately one million plastic bags are used every minute. Their proliferation into our everyday lives has become so ubiquitous that we often forget that they are a part of the minutiae of our existence.

Some believe that plastic bags are the demise of our environment altogether. It is estimated that 10 percent of plastic bags end up in our oceans; 70 percent of which stay on the ocean floor.

Considering it can take some bags anywhere from 20 to 1, years to degrade, the amount of time our natural resources will continue to be polluted is countless.


How can a technology so mundane cause so much debate in the environmental, social and natural sciences? It is furthermore estimated that anywhere from 0. The implications are real as the plastics are said to contaminate the water we drink. In nature, fish and other wildlife may ingest plastic bags and the effects are often fatal.

The recourse of the plastic bag has been twofold: In the District of Columbia, within the first month of the implementation of taxing plastic bags the consumption dropped drastically from Plastic bags have a direct impact on the District of Columbia.

For example, the Americans for Tax Reform non-profit issued a study that found the five-cent bag tax has cost Washington, D.


As the plastic tax in D. One trillion plastic bags are used around the world.

No plastic bag day research proposal

Statistics that may at first seem startling cause us to look more closely at plastic bags as a technology that is one that has maintained its power through recent decades. The research project will explore the ways in which plastic bags as a technology have affected American society throughout history, the environmental controversy that is the plastic bag particularly in the 21st century, and the case study of the tax on plastic bags in Washington, D.

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The aim of our exploration is to understand the plastic bag as it relates to public opinion and a function in society; yet, we will still keep the inner workings of plastics firmly in mind as we progress, citing scientific principles throughout, especially in terms of the technical poster.

With this controversy in mind, we would like to interview some of the key players in this debate such as City Councilman Tommy Wells, D. To give a balanced view, we will illustrate both sides of the debate, including seeking out further interview or research material from environmental NGOs, plastics trade associations, and local businesses.

In terms of measuring overarching trends in the business and consumer spheres about reactions to the tax and knowledge about the impact of plastics on the environment, we believe a survey will serve our purposes well.

Through our research and discovery of the function of plastics in our society, we seek to better understand the technology and its uses whether practical or political. City Councilman Tommy Wells, who spearheaded the tax on plastic bags: Julie Lawson or another representative of DC Surfriders, a group who lent efforts to the campaign http: Dottie Yunger, Anacostia riverkeeper and Methodist minister, who helped spread the message in the religious community 4.

Montreal Meeting a Prelude to Ambitious Regulatory Agenda in 2014

A representative from the American Chemistry Council lobbying organization that represents oil companies and plastic manufacturers 6.

A representative from SPI plastics trade association:Which is why I was completely psyched when the opportunity to get out in the field presented itself. Earlier this month, the Endangered Species Coalition teamed up with Boulder County Parks and Open Space and local business, Bluebird Botanicals, to do habitat restoration for the federally-threatened Preble’s meadow jumping mouse..

The Preble’s is our western jumping mouse here in Colorado. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. “The [research presented] is the most ambitious effort yet to estimate how much plastic debris ends up in the sea,” said a New York Times article. This research will investigate whether the effect of “no plastic bag day campaign towards the sales of every business who complied with it.


Whether by implementing the campaign the income of the business will be decreased or not. Establishing McDonald Restaurant Feasibility Study. 1. General Objectives. Description of the Business Project. The proposed business will need a three-storey building in a 2, square-meter lot with a parking space at the rear.

"In fact, 80% off cheap plastic items end up in our oceans and are a major problem to fish life." Making absolutely ridiculous claims like this is the chief reason most THINKING people reject your.

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