Ordinary people can turn into villains and heroes

No one would know better then Dr. Philip Zimbardo, of the Stanford Prison Experiment. Zimbardo is an accredited psychologist whose study is one of the most well known today. While the Lucifer Effect is known for turning good to evil, Zimbardo argues that it can work in both ways.

Ordinary people can turn into villains and heroes

Summary Knuckleduster arrives as an unexpected visitor in Koichi Haimawari 's home. Knuckleduster does not mind if Koichi calls him "master", but Koichi has no intention of becoming his disciple. Getting down to business, Knuckleduster explains that the drug he is searching for is called " Trigger ".

Trigger is a drug that significantly boost the user's Quirk while simultaneously weakening their sense of reasoning; Trigger is therefore a drug that can turn normal citizens into villains.

Elsewhere, the three thugs are offered "splendid medicine" by the salesman. The medicine they are offered is none other than Trigger. Having seen the enhancements, the salesman insists that Soga Kugizaki inject Trigger. Back at Koichi's home, Knuckleduster refuses to let impromptu villains to roam about and will not allow that to happen.

However, Koichi believes that it is better to let the Police Force or the Pro Heroes handle this situation. Knuckleduster explains that the Police Force and the Heroes are one step behind because it is impossible to distinguish people who have used Trigger, which is why it is up to them to stop these "Trigger Junkies".

Knuckleduster states that their mission is to confront any thugs and make them stick out their tongues because Trigger causes tongues to turn into a hideous black color. Knuckleduster explains that they will beat them, make them talk about the dealer who gave them Trigger and cut off the circulation of Trigger.

Koichi thinks that Knuckleduster is not being serious. However, Koichi becomes surprised when Knuckleduster does indeed start preparing to beat some thugs.

Koichi manages to stop them by asking the thugs to stick out their tongues; they do so and their tongues are normal. Koichi tells her that Knuckleduster is searching for people who have taken Trigger and their dealers in order to stop the circulation of Trigger.

She thinks that they should use their heads instead of violence, and suggests that they should search on the internet for "sudden villain appearances" which will allow them to pinpoint the location of the Trigger Junkies making it easier and more productive to find potential Trigger Junkies.

Knuckleduster spots a salesman and starts with him, making the salesman drop his suitcase which has Hero figures.

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Before Knuckleduster can punch the salesman to get answers, his arm is wrapped by cloth. The person stopping Knuckleduster with the cloth is Shota Aizawabest known as Eraserhead.

Knuckleduster does not take any serious damage from Shota's kick and prepares to punch back. Having heard that Knuckleduster is rumored to possess a stamina enhancing Quirk, Shota activates his Erasure. The salesman leaves in a hurry. She tells Koichi to run after the salesman because he is suspicious.

Knuckleduster and Shota fight on even terms with Knuckleduster managing to hold his own against the Erasing Hero despite the fact that Shota has activated his Quirk on Knuckleduster.

After being pushed back by Knuckleduster, Shota is surprised that the old man has not lost any strength which causes Shota to realize the truth about Knuckleduster.Jan 10,  · Skittering Thief {Worm/Heroes} In the end, Khepri is still required for better chances, but Sylar!Taylor CAN potentially turn into a game changer that can fight Scion one on one.

Ordinary people can turn into villains and heroes

And in canon Contessa probably had no idea about Khepri, to begin with. “That lets me live like an ordinary people. Maybe I'm who you say I r-bridal.com I'm not. Anyhoo, Onslaught led into the "Heroes Reborn" initiative, which didn't work out so great. About a year later, Heroes Reborn was dead and everything reverted to the way it was before.

Tony Stark was Iron Man again and was absolved of his pre-Onslaught actions. It was after the breakup that she fell into a dark hole of drugs and alcohol, having met a mutant like herself that had a way to subdue his powers making him appear like a normal human being.

She traveled to New York with her new friend and spent a year on the streets playing music for money, when she was reunited with her older brother.

Ordinary people can turn into villains and heroes

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