Should tobacco products be banned

Key facts Tobacco kills up to half of its users. Tobacco kills more than 7 million people each year. More than 6 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while around are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.

Should tobacco products be banned

Should Smoking Be Banned? Everyone knows how dangerous cigarettes can beand yet, society still tolerates its use. The use of tobacco products is one of the main causes of preventable and premature death and disease the world over.

According to the Centers of Disease and Control,smoking-related deaths occur in the US alone. Others argue that death happens all the time, through various diseases and accidents. However, the problem is not with the deaths itself; the problem is that thoselives lost could have been prevented.

Should tobacco products be banned

Advertisement To Ban or Not to Ban? That is the question. Banning something that millions of people do every day is tough to execute. Imagine the worldwide outrage when smoking is banned suddenly. It would cause chaos.

But even if, theoretically, all smokers opt-in to the idea, there are other issues that need to be addressed as well. One of these is the tax revenue governments get from smoking.

It is hard for governments to let go of that outright. If tobacco were to be banned, the taxpayers would have to pay more to provide that same amount. Either that or the government would have to cut its spending.

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Another issue to consider is the economy. If cigarette smoking were to be banned, a lot of people who earn a decent living would suddenly lose it all. Then there is the issue of religion.

Some religions use tobacco as part of their rituals and ceremonies, such Native Americans. Stifling any one religion can result in violent protests by both, followers of the offended religion and others as well.

Should Smoking Be Banned: A Well-Written Essay Example

As for the reasons why smoking should be banned, these hit closer to home since they happen on a more personal level.

The first is its effect on appearance.Mani Sorout said: (Nov 12, ): Hello friends, According to my opinion, smoking should not be completely banned but there should be some restriction on smokers.

Friends we know that in today's time smoking is coming up like as a fashion which can be dangerous for us. Possession should not be criminalised; the goal should only be a ban on sales. Enforcement, therefore, should be a trivial matter, as is proper in a liberal society.

Cigarette smoking itself, though, is less an expression of freedom than the robbery of it. While some cities have banned its use in public, many more still don’t do enough to quell its use.

The use of tobacco products is one of the main causes of preventable and premature death and disease the world over. According to the Centers of Disease and Control, , smoking-related deaths occur in .

Nicotine marketing is the marketing of nicotine-containing products or r-bridal.comionally, the tobacco industry markets cigarette smoking, but it is increasingly marketing other products, such as r-bridal.comts are marketed through social media, stealth marketing, mass media, and sponsorship (particularly of sporting events).

Expenditures on nicotine marketing are in the tens of billions.

Cigarettes are clearly a risk to our health

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In my opinion, I believe that smoking should be completely banned. Not only is smoking any form of tobacco dangerous to you health, but it is also bad for the health of those around you. /5(16).

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