Swot and pestel analysis for bmw

Fuel prices are expected to rise in the near future Fuel prices have been low for the last few years and are expected to rise in the near future due to the changes in the supply. Low fuel prices have increased the demand for large vehicles such as pickup trucks and SUVs. Many companies, including General MotorsFordChrysler have benefited from the low fuel prices, because of their strong SUVs and pickup trucks offerings. The demand for small vehicles always rises when the fuel prices are high.

Swot and pestel analysis for bmw

Appendices Introduction In the car manufacturing market today, it is very competitive especially eco-friendly vehicles that have become more popular because of the environmental concerns.

Tesla’s Weaknesses (Internal Strategic Factors)

According to the results and outcomes from the analyses, conclusion and recommendation will be provided at the end. It is used to view the profitability of a company determined by five sources of competitive pressure. This is because there is small number of competing vehicles and they have their own niches.

Furthermore, there are some companies that are collaborating with TESLA Motors already and European companies are developing their own technology.

Despite that, they also retail their cars to individual consumers and government enticements allow possible consumer tax credit deduction.

One of the substitution could be cycling or walking which is inconvenient for long-distance journeys. Another substitution could be mass transport which include trains, buses, and subways which are suitable for local and distance travelling. These days people prefer their own vehicles which is more suitable for them.

This is also because TESLA purchases mechanisms from over suppliers all over the world and despite of building close partnerships with their main suppliers e. Moreover, this market is very attractive too and also is expanding very fast, therefore more companies such as Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW have entered recently with the plug-in models into the market.

Besides this, companies have been trying to generate their own niches by developing alternatives like environmental friendly cars such as hybrid cars, small performance turbo diesel and d biodiesel cars.

Companies will have to become more intensive and will need to keep improving and generating better cars because in the future, rivalry will be more demanding. One of the foremost political factor which are affecting the TESLA industry is the Environmental Protection laws to make more environmental cars to meet strict emission levels.

Another essential factor is the US government energy loan programs for development and research of new car technologies. Thus, the demand for more-efficient cars has become higher. Consumers are losing trust in gasoline fuel and associated cost in production trying to help the environment. Another social aspect is that increasing in ageing population with most wealth and savings, consumers like to spend more money on quality electric cars.

There has been much technology advancement within the industry such as the introduction of fully electrical cars and computerisation of cars that allow automotive car driving and avoid accidents. In future, this will lead to improvements in safety and convenience of cars.

In addition, B2B platforms and industry places have been given better opportunities to the car industry that increased efficiencies and reduced he costs.

However, there is a need for charging station infrastructure that is required on long highways.

Tesla’s Strengths (Internal Strategic Factors)

This is because people are getting more aware of environmental effects and do care more about the environment. Few other aspects that could affect the manufacturing of battery cars include the tax incentives and support to grow the demand among customers.

Firm is investing in a longer term sustainable profitability that can be seen in their capitalisation on opportunities environmental even when they are struggling to constantly generate profit.

TESLA will create profitability after initial years after they introduce their new model. TESLA Motors is on the edge of their financial stability and the industry continue to value their proposition and result in increasing profit.

Production capacity reached a maximum productivity of around cars per week in In this particular yearit represented a highest spending on physical assets with 15 equipment and facilities to handle the upcoming year of production of the Model X.

Also, stations opening across Europe as well. Because of these, TESLA Motors was capable to develop creative solutions to create their fully electric cars that perform greatly and have long battery life.

There are five main innovation aspects that is pushing TESLA to success and they are as following innovative drivetrain, best battery, power control, regenerative braking, and rapid charging. TESLA places itself as innovators and are hoping to succeed and create lasting influence.Word List This word list has essential words to help boost your vocabulary.

Free from r-bridal.com A Tesla Roadster at the Tokyo Auto Salon, This SWOT analysis of Tesla Inc. (formerly Tesla Motors, Inc.) emphasizes the importance of global expansion to ensure business growth in the global automotive and renewable energy industries.

PESTEL stands for political, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal and forms of analysis of the macro-environment of the organization (Thomas, ). Political factors The probable factors that affect the automobile industry are.

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Swot and pestel analysis for bmw

Master's Thesis from the year in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM. SWOT Analysis for Hookah House in Australia - Introduction Hookah and shisha is a product that has been increasing in popularity in other parts of the world, but hasn’t really penetrated Australian sores (Brockman, ).

This Toyota SWOT analysis reveals how one of the most innovative automotive companies used its competitive advantages to become the dominant player in the automotive industry.

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