The debate about the subject of school uniforms in american schools

Do the uniforms create a desirable feeling of belonging somewhere? And by showing that the expects an even higher standard, expectations are soon raised and students will usually respond with a better, more mature, behavior. When the United States began to use uniforms in public school there were many reports of improved discipline.

The debate about the subject of school uniforms in american schools

The debate goes on in schools and at homes. With most American public schools nowadays enforcing the wearing of uniforms inside schools, teachers and parents are weighting whether a uniform policy is necessary or not.

Let us take a look at the arguments on both sides of the coin. List of Pros of Wearing School Uniforms 1. Helps enforce positive behavior. Educators and experts who support that school uniforms should be implemented argue that uniforms contribute positively to the behavior of students.

They believe that students feel more professional and feel like they belong to something when they wear school uniforms, encouraging them to behave accordingly as a result.

In addition, distracting fashion trends and status -symbol clothing are eliminated, enabling students to focus more on their academic goals. Or in other words, there is less focus on fashion in the classroom and more on learning. Makes morning easier for parents.

When there is no debate on what students are allowed to wear to school, then mornings would be extra easier for parents. This means decreased morning arguments as everyone knows exactly that the only dress to wear is the regulated school uniform.

Creates a sense of school spirit. Experts who support the school uniform policy believe that wearing uniforms can help develop a stronger team mentality among the student body.

Also, as it evens the playing field, there is decreased bullying and teasing related to clothes. With uniform school policy, things like modesty issues, gang colors, offensive text on shirts and the like are eliminated. Buying a new school wardrobe every class opening can be hard on the budget.

Whereas with uniforms, parents only need to buy a few pieces of school uniforms every year or when needed. After all, uniforms are designed to stand up repeated washings, so it is much more economical.

Leaves extra budget for stylish weekend clothing. With parents able to save money from not having to by everyday clothes for school, parents can afford and can choose to have their children wear fashionable and branded clothing on weekends.

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Not only that, as students wear uniform the entire weekdays, they might be able to appreciate their weekend clothes more. List of Cons of Wearing School Uniforms 1. This has always been the major argument raised against school uniforms.The students in this video discuss the pros and cons of school uniforms.

After a school uniform policy was implemented in three Nevada middle schools in and , researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno, set out to find out what 1, seventh and eighth graders thought about the change. School uniforms also take the pressure off students to pay top dollar for clothes, according to Reginald Wilson, a senior scholar at the American Council on Education in Washington, D.C.

Should students wear schools uniforms?

The debate about the subject of school uniforms in american schools

Read pros and cons in the debate. U NDERSTAND T HE I SSUES. U NDERSTAND E ACH O THER. Menu Toggle navigation. Clothing choices are "a crucial form of self-expression," according to the American Civil Liberties Union of School uniforms in public schools undermine the promise of a free .

School uniforms would be vastly helpful to both schools and students. School uniforms would bring students closer together and decrease trend based distractions and bullying.

The debate over uniforms in public schools is a much larger issue than simply what children should wear to school.

Jan 03,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Uniforms definitely have some good qualities, but they are not the answer to all the problems in America’s schools. Julia Wilkins wrote “The Answer to Violence in American Schools or a Cheap Educational Reform?” in the March issue of The Humanist to share her views regarding the on-going debate over uniforms in public schools. Debates about school uniform have been going on for decades in different countries and districts, but during the s state schools in the USA began to adopt uniforms. At first uniform rules were seen as a way of stopping children dressing in gang colours in troubled urban areas.

Sep 25,  · In Miami, of the public schools require uniforms this year, more than twice as many as last year. In Cleveland, two-thirds of the public schools have adopted uniforms. Sep 25,  · While most school systems, like New York City's, allow individual schools to determine their own dress code, a few require uniforms districtwide.

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