The matchlock gun book report

Newberry Book I really enjoyed this book because it allows the reader to imagine what life is like for animals and what they may think of humans. It is well-written and the illustrations are beautifully sketched with great detail.

The matchlock gun book report

GoodReads community and editorial reviews can be helpful for getting a wide range of opinions on various aspects of the book. Edmonds focuses his novel on a historical incident. The work represents an adventure story, centering on the themes of self-preservation and protection. Edmonds structures the narrative to begin during both the French and Indian War.

In this war, the French join forces with the Native Americans to fight against the British government and its colonists. Edmonds provides an overview of American history told from the perspective of a Dutch-American family settled in New York State.

The Newbery Project: The Matchlock Gun

Unlike multiple historical accounts of the war, 'The Matchlock Gun' doesn't include battle statistics or explore the many challenges settlers faced living in the wilderness. Instead, Edmonds only explores the experiences of one family, which include a husband and wife and their children. By the end of the work, Edmonds continues to create suspense as he develops his characters.

More Books by Walter D. Edmonds, with a total of 10 study guides.The Matchlock Gun by Walter D. Edmonds. In , New York was a British colony with French-Indian uprising a constant threat to Edward and his family.

In , New York was a British colony with French-Indian uprising a constant threat to Edward and his family. The Matchlock Gun by Walter D. Edmonds Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Charlotte’s Web by E.

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B. White Write a Book Report Students may choose to write a traditional book report. The report must be written in neat cursive writing or typed.

It should contain 5 strong paragraphs which. Both the French and the Indians are true threats in New York in , but Edward has a weapon -- his father’s matchlock gun. Note: Edward’s mother is injured in the book, and Native Americans are killed.

Book Description: The author challenges the myth of trade dependence which has pervaded histories of this period, by proving the superiority of native weapons over matchlock muskets.

A fascinating argument on a contentious ethno-historical issue. Book Clubs Book Fairs Scholastic Education Classroom Magazines About Us The Matchlock Gun. By Paul Lantz, Walter Dumaux Edmonds. Grades. P.

Jul 29,  · Is that true? I always though I was an expert on gun-related things, but I'd never heard anything like Resolved. The Matchlock Gun Essay & Project Ideas Walter D. Edmonds This Study Guide consists of approximately 9 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Matchlock Gun. The one I remember best was the one BEFORE the Matchlock gun. The shooter had to light a little pile of gunpower with a striker or match, so they were one handed, plus the little POOF of fire scared away whatever animal they were hunting for.

Genre. Fiction. After his father leaves to fight the Indians, ten-year-old Edward becomes the man of the house. How can he defend his mother and sister against Indian attacks with a gun twice as.

The matchlock gun book report

The matchlock had been the first mechanism to make a shoulder-aimed firearm, the arquebus, possible. It was simple, economical, and reliable—just the traits for useful military applications—but it required two hands and a smoldering, slow matchcord with telltale smoke and glow.

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