The solutions to the failures of our education system in america

Rosanna Pittella As I diligently and painstakingly research and document how our American educational system was conceived, its precise path and evolution into its current state I am compelled to reconsider my core assumption.

The solutions to the failures of our education system in america

PISA is an international study that evaluates education systems worldwide every three years. Out of 34 participating countries, the U.

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These statistics are staggering. From overcrowded schools to lack of parental involvement, there are many obvious problems within the education system that immediately come to mind when thinking of how to improve education in America.

But some issues fly under the radar. Here are just three of those factors that, when addressed, could make the US more competitive on a global scale: Thirty states require schools to have a day calendar, two ask for more than school days and the rest ask for between and days on the official school calendar each year.

Minnesota is the only state in the nation that has no minimum requirement for number of days students are in the classroom though the state averages school days. This means that in states with the lowest day requirements, students are out of school for more days than they are in it as many as days per yeara number that contrasts greatly with other developed nations.

Korea has the highest required number of school days, atfollowed by Japan at and China at Canadian requirements are close to the U. But are all these days considered equal? How long are the school days in places like Korea, China and England?

It varies, but it is not uncommon for Korean high school students to spend 16 hours each school day in classrooms. That is more than twice the amount of time that American students spend at school, and perhaps a bit too extreme.

Yet Korean students consistently rank at the top of developed nations when it comes to subjects like math and science, vastly outpacing U. By contrast, in England school-aged children spend 6.

President Obama is in favor of more time in the classroom.

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Inhe stated that the amount of time students currently spend in school places us at a competitive disadvantage. That is no way to prepare them for a 21st century economy. The lack of respect we have for the teaching profession.

According to the Pew Research Center, Americans have a declining interest in education. These topics should certainly be focal points of interest.

However, some of these priorities are related to or even dependent on the quality of education in this country. Therein lies the solution to every major problem facing the American people — including the economy, job creation and terrorism awareness.

Based on research provided by Dr. This requires teacher education that helps teachers to become innovators and researchers in education, not just deliverers of the curriculum.

In schools such as the New York City public schools, a significant percentage of schools have no arts teachers. The arts may not be considered as important as math and science, but it is still very important for student engagement and learning. A school in the lowest income district in all of New York participated in a four-year arts integration program that took students from basically no arts learning to multi-faceted lesson plans with arts inclusion.

The solutions to the failures of our education system in america

An 8 percent improvement in Language Arts scores, 9 percent improvement in math scores and less absenteeism.American education is at a crossroads. The federal government’s role in education has grown significantly over the past half-century, infringing on our long-held principle of federalism in.


Jan 10,  · Advertising & Marketing Solutions; 10 Critical Issues Facing Education. Reeves and Greenleaf), and numerous stories from Education Week's print copy. It opened up our world from the. American policy-makers and educators began to create in earnest our centralized, monopolistic public education system at the turn of the century.

The solutions to the failures of our education system in america

perhaps the most important boosters of America’s new public education system were what we might today call “cultural conservatives.” The turn of the century, after all, was a time of.

Feb 15,  · Three learning enthusiasts share their blueprints for rebuilding the U.S. education system. In the 2nd century A.D., Roman Emperor Marcus . Our School Problem and Its Solutions As Robert Hutchins said, "Perhaps the greatest idea that America has given the world is the idea of education for all.

The world is entitled to know whether this idea means that everybody can be educated, or only that everybody must go to school." Thomas W. Carroll The U.S. education system is. The Edvocate was created in to argue for shifts in education policy and organization in order to enhance the quality of education and the opportunities for learning afforded to P students in America.

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