The wright way essay

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The wright way essay

In his book entitled, Native Son, Richard Wright explores the theme of being a black man living in the early 20s and how it is to deal with the challenges of living in a white society with a black family.

While this piece has never been regarded as a literary masterpiece for its literary style and prose, the ideas and attitudes that are embodied in the book continue to be an influence on the social and intellectual history of the United States of America.

The wright way essay

Particularly revealing and interesting is the view that Richard Wright has on religion as outlined in this book. Before arriving at a better understanding of how Richard Wright views religion, it is important to first outline the framework of the story, Native Son, and provide a brief background on the influences of Richard Wright.

This fictionalized memoir of Richard Wright covers his childhood and the early years of his adulthood. This particular memory was not a good one as it narrated how he accidentally burned down his house, thus precipitating the struggles that he would face in his life.

The burning of his house soon led to the separation of his parents and him being shipped off to live with different relatives and households, even in an orphanage for a brief period of time.

With the separation came the hardship that Wright had to endure for the rest of his life. Soon hunger and poverty became regular bedmates of Wright as his mother was forced to maintain several jobs and even Wright and his siblings were forced to do odd jobs just to be able to eat.

As if fate had not already dealt him quite a blow, Wright was not only forced to contend with his daily survival and sustenance but he was also forced to deal with an overbearing and overzealous religious fanatic of a grandmother who was convinced that Wright, with his bookish and studious ways, was a sinner.

Against the backdrop of the daily struggles of Wright and his family, Wright has to contend with the constant nagging, preaching and indoctrination of his grandmother. Predictably, Wright rebels against this indoctrination by continuing in his ways. He largely ignores the preaching of his grandmother and finds his utopia in his studies and the books that he reads.

The violence that follows Wright around is another major theme in this book that also highlights his aversion to religion. When he does not follow the teachings of his grandmother, he gets castigated and beaten up. There are many events in the book where he is beaten up by his relatives because they feel that he is a sinner and that he is very disrespectful.

As will be explained later, these beatings acted as a form of negative reinforcement for him to reject religion even more. Amidst his struggles to survive, Wright also has to deal with the racism that blacks were subjected to during that time. Not only did this prevent him from getting any real skills, as during his experience as an apprentice at an optical shop, but it also reinforced his thinking on the inequalities in society and thus his embracing of the communist ideals in the later years of his life.

He begins to consider the manner by which all intellectual curiosity is discouraged or frustrated, not only by the whites but also by the blacks who have seemed to accept their station in society. As this discourse will explain, this also led to his dislike of religion because he felt that religion at that time prevented people from questioning and instead encouraged the acceptance of something that was unproven.

It is against these series of events that Richard Wright not only tries to highlight the struggles of a black man in a white society but also reveals to the reader his disdain for religion.

The dislike for religion of Richard Wright is premised on a few basic principles. His experiences with his grandmother planted the seed that prompted him to reject religion and its principles.

While he realized that religion was integral to the unification of the family, it also bred certain ideals and principles that he did not subscribe to. The racism that he experienced in the south and his eventual shift to communist ideas though these sentiments were quickly disillusioned when he moved to Europe reinforced his anti-religious sentiments.

Thus, the combination of these two provided Wright with his justification to reject religion, which he also deemed as secular. It is easy to see the view the Richard Wright had on religion even at the outset of the story. The very first paragraphs, where Wright begins to narrate his misfortunes in life, seem to suggest a view that does not regard religion highly.

As Richard Wright begins his narrative, the reader is exposed to his world and sees that there is nothing that resembles the hope, forgiveness and even peace that religion espouses.Judith Wright is an Australian poet who has a distinctive way of capturing her unique vision of Australia throughout her poems.

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