What is the nature of tortuous

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What is the nature of tortuous

What is the nature of tortuous

As a student of the public schools and public universities, I was taught about the history of science in the light of the notion that there has always been warfare between science and Christianity. The warfare myth is very popular and very powerful.

It is popular because it seems to be substantiated today. We often hear certain scientists making metaphysical claims such as "the Universe is all that exists.

The warfare myth is clearly supported by these dynamics, as it is if there are two opposing camps firing back at each other. The myth is also very powerful. As one who is both a Christian and a scientist, I can see this from both sides. As a Christian, there are many fellow Christians who look upon my science with suspicion.

How can I be a Christian yet believe in evolution? How can I be a Christian yet focus so much attention on something that doesn't seem directly related to the faith? As a scientist, there are many fellow scientists who look upon my Christianity with suspicion. How can I be a scientist yet believe Jesus bodily rose from the dead?

How can I be a scientist yet focus too much attention on things that depend on faith? As many Christians who are scientists will tell you, they are often caught between a rock and a hard place.

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So what is a Christian scientist not to be confused with the religion of Christian Science to do? Unfortunately, many opt for a perspective that tacitly reinforces the warfare myth. They buy into the warfare myth in the sense that science and Christianity are two camps that have little to say to each other.

That is, they may not take part in the warfare, but they buy peace simply by cutting off meaningful dialog between the two camps.

What is the nature of tortuous

It's a mindset that basically says, "Look, since we can't talk to each other without fighting, let's not talk to each other. Of course, some Christian scientists can't live such a schizoid life. Unfortunately, they also fail to achieve balance. For example, the Christian who becomes an authority in the lab finds himself thinking this expertise naturally extrapolates to authoritative judgments on matters of Christian belief.

Many of these folks become closet naturalists or closet pantheists.

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