Writing a compiler in common lisp vs clojure

Others data syntaxes can be implemented via read macros. Namespaces for symbols are called packages in CL. CL is a Lisp-n since it has more than 2 namespaces.

Writing a compiler in common lisp vs clojure

Pro Immutability is the default Clojure programmers are highly encouraged to use immutable data in their code.

Therefore, most data will be immutable by default. State change is handled by functions for transformations and atoms an abstraction that encapsulates the idea of some entity having an identity.

Pro Tries to solve problems as simply as possible Simplicity is one of the pillars on which Clojure is built. Clojure tries to solve many problems in software development as simply as possible.

Instead of building complex interfaces, objects or factories, it uses immutability and simple data structures. Pro Good for writing concurrent programs Since Clojure is designed for concurrency, it offers things like Software Transaction Memory, functional programming without side-effects and immutable data structures right out of the box.

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This means that the development team can focus their energies on developing features instead of concurrency details. One example is Incanter. This means that applications written in Clojure are cross-platform out of the box.

writing a compiler in common lisp vs clojure

Just look up his talks and see why. Pro Extensible Clojure has an elegant macro system which enables language additions, Domain-specific languages DSLsto be created much easier than most other languages with the exception of Racket, perhaps.

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Pro Dynamic language A superb data processing language. While rich type and specification systems are available they are optional. Pro Great tool used in automating, configuring and managing dependencies available Leiningen is a very useful tool for Clojure developers.

It helps wiht automation, configuration and dependency management. Pro Game is available with which you can learn Clojure Nightmod is a tool used to make "live-moddable" games.

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writing a compiler in common lisp vs clojure

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Although Clojure is is certainly a Lisp and is therefor preferable to other languages, it does not feel like a step forward when coming from Common Lisp. In some ways it even feels like a step backward.

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